Afforestation on elipse

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Afforestation on "ellipse" method was used at the first time at experimental plot at mountain Goč (Central Serbia, 43°33 ̋40.3 ̋N,20°39 ̋45.15 ̋, 610−880 m a.s.l., 40° slope). [1] The first experimental field (1 ha) was established in August 1997, when 340 Pinus nigra container seedlings were planted, with a distance of 3.0 m between rows and seedlings (photo 1) . Planting holes are opened by “Amoneks” explosive, detonated at 0.7−0.8 m belowground line. Survival after 9 year was 97%.[2] 20 years after planting ~70% of seedlings are survived, with mean diameter at breast height of 6.6 cm; and mean height of 3.1 m. The remaining trees are in good health and general condition. Cones with viable seeds are recorded at ~5% of trees[3].

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