Planted forests

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The concept of planted forest is larger than that of plantation forest. Both are generally defined according to the extent of human intervention in the establishment and/or management of the forest. In many instances, because an extensive range of silvicultural practices is applied in intensive forest management, the difference between semi-natural forest and planted forest is essentially arbitrary. There is a need to recognize semi-natural forests that are neither strictly natural forests with minimal management, nor planted forests with intensive management, that provide critical wood and non-wood forest product supplies and enhance social, cultural, environmental and economic values. Semi-natural forests may be selectively harvested for wood and non-wood forest products, receive enrichment planting and/or seeding or undergo silvicultural treatment to enhance growth and yield. A wider planted forest classification could potentially include indigenous species, particularly in Europe and North America, that were reported as natural forests in previous FAO Global Forest Resources Assessments (including the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2000). [1]