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This serves as a guide to the policies and guidelines that are generally accepted and considered important — even essential — by the project's founders and community. These help us to work towards our goal: to become a database comprising all relevant information regarding climate adaptive forest restoration and reforestation in Europe, including sources and availability of FRM, state-ofthe-art methodologies and methods, current knowledge and tools and other products available on the market. It is important to note that at least some of these policies are still evolving as ForestRestorationWiki grows and develops.

Definition of terms


Referring to a policy or guideline, this means that it has been suggested by a user and is still undergoing discussion as to whether it should be made official or rejected. Proposed policies and guidelines may either become official or rejected, depending on the eventual outcome of the discussion.


This word, or the terms required or shall, means that the definition is an absolute requirement of the policy or guideline.


This word, or the adjective recommended, means that there may exist valid reasons in particular circumstances to ignore a particular guideline, but the full implications must be understood and carefully weighed before choosing a different course.


Referring to a policy or guideline, this means that it is currently in effect, and enforced by other contributors. A policy is a set of rules that must be followed. A guideline is a set of rules that should be followed.


Referring to a policy or guideline, this means that it has been superseded by a new guideline or policy. The new version should be used, and the old version is only kept for historical reasons.


Referring to a policy or guideline proposal, this means that it has been rejected by the community for a variety of different reasons. It, along with the proposal discussion, is kept reminding people of the reasons for the rejection and to prevent it from being reproposed for reasons rejected in previous discussion.


Formulating policies and guidelines

ForestRestorationWiki policies and guidelines are formulated for the most part by habit and consensus by the administrators. This takes place in discussion page. Once a ground for consensus exists on a topic that ForestRestorationWiki would benefit to have as an official guideline or policy, a statement is created and discussed in specifics.

Any member of the community can propose the new policies and guidelines. To propose a new policy or guideline document, add a new entry to the discussion. The page should be in the ForestRestorationWiki namespace.

Anyone who thinks there is a problem with an existing policy or guideline is welcome to discuss it.

Enforcing policies

You are a ForestRestorationWiki editor. ForestRestorationWiki lacks an editor-in-chief or a central, top-down mechanism whereby the day-to-day progress on this instructional resource is monitored and approved. Instead, active participants monitor recent changes and make copyedits and corrections to the content and format problems they see. The participants are both writers and editors.


Don't infringe on copyrights

ForestRestorationWiki is a collection of free content books licensed under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. Submitting work without the copyright holder's permission threatens our objective to build a truly free resource that anyone can redistribute and could lead to legal liability for the project.

ForestRestorationWiki is a knowledge and instructional resource

The site should primarily be used for developing knowledgebase of sources and availability of FRM, state-ofthe-art methodologies and methods, current knowledge and tools and other products available on the market.

ForestRestorationWiki content

Creating and editing pages

The following ForestRestorationWiki editing guidelines should be followed when writing wiki pages. This will help create a useful and easy to use wiki, that is accessible to everyone.

For more technical help visit the following resources:

Respect other contributors

Contributors to ForestRestorationWiki come from many different countries and cultures and may have widely different views. By treating others with respect, we can cooperate effectively in building a knowledge and instructional resource.


Although all registered users can contribute, the ForestRestorationWiki is administrated by the group of individuals selected by the community. One can become an administrator upon nomination (by the candidate himself/herself or by other community member) is accepted by consensus of the administrators.